It just became a natural part of my day
The time I spent committing to the Metamorphose Program was well worth the effort. I found it to be practical, easy to follow and a journey of potential self -discovery. My commitment to the daily exercises, which in the scheme of time was not a great amount out of my day, was not gruelling or difficult. In fact my commitment to the exercise became as easy as remembering to brush my teeth. It just became a natural part of my day. From the program I really uncovered the negative thoughts that created my reality. Catching my thoughts became a real mission. If you truly want to create the change that will enable you to live a more fulfilled life of potential and your fruitful creation, then Metamorphose is a certain catalyst.    Melva
This really works!
Excellent course, thank you.  This really works!    The course was presented in a simple and easy way to follow together with the exercises.   I understood the power that I had inside and the power of changing my life.  We are in command of our lives and sadly have been told differently for many decades.  I feel empowered to achieve my goals and to face challenges that might come into my life.
It amaze me how much it benefits my life!
I started to do The Metamorphose Program when I just have my hip operation done and have to lie in bed most of the time for recovery. I’m an active person, always like doing some movements each day, even simple like walking around the block. So this has put me into some depressing and angry mood. I have realised it is not good for my health, and I have to do something. So The Metamorphose Program is my choice. I follow the instructions and do my practice each week. At the beginning it took me a while to start to go into it, but as the time went on, I started to feel my thoughts slowly to change  and so as my mood. As I understand the instructions and the theory behind them better and better each week, my thoughts can stay in positive mode longer each day. Because I have positive thoughts,  my mood and life attitudes start to change to the way I prefer too. After the five weeks program, I go over all I have learned from the program whenever I need it, keep doing my daily practice, it amaze me how much it benefits my life! When I feel tired, sore, frustrated, I start positive affirmations to uplift my though and mind, it works instantly every time. I find my life tend to go to the way I desire. Max, thank you so much for give me this opportunity to involve in The Metamorphose Program! It is a great experience and I believe that it will benefit me for the rest of my life.
Summer Lin
I feel more in control of my life now.
The Metamorphose Program really inspired me. It was informative and I have found that it works for me. It was fascinating reading all the information and reasons why the methods work and it has given me a whole new attitude about life.The fact that you have tested these steps out yourself first gave me confidence they would work for me. The contemplation was very helpful because my imagination is getting more creative and I now find it easier to make decisions and know what actions to take as answers and ideas seem to pop in my mind as I contemplate. I feel calmer in myself and more in control of my life now. Thank-you Max.
Glenda Lay
Excited and enthusiastic
I love this program, I feel excited and enthusiastic about my future.
John Smith